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Muscle & Strength


Muscle & Strength® 100% Whey Protein is a premium-quality fast-digesting protein powder formulated to support any muscle building, fat loss, or fitness program.* Made with only the purest 100% whey protein from the USA, each scoop delivers 25g of bioavailable protein and 5,685mg of Amino Acids with only 140 calories.
Whey Protein Chocolate Milkshake gives you a delicious protein boost. Whey Protein Chocolate Milkshake is made up of whole, milk-based proteins.
The Whey Protein Chocolate Milkshake is made with a 60% fast absorbing Whey Protein Isolate and a 40% Absorbent Micellar Casein to give you the right balance for your workout. Give your recovery a working limit to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. The texture of a real milkshake without the carbs and fat that you can mix with this powder is delicious. The Whey Protein Chocolate Milkshake is smooth and creamy after a workout. Whey Protein Chocolate Milkshake is useful for athletes, bodybuilders, fitness models, and people who want to improve their performance in the gym.
It is also helpful if the person is chronically ill and needs extra nutrition.

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